Do you have any plans to collab with Kevin Kinsella again? :)

NATTY NATION responded on 07/11/2018

We have tried a few times, but it hasn't worked out. His sister used to live in Madison, so logistically it made it easier since he was in town anyway. We both definitely want to, so thanks for the encouragement! We may try to reignite that Fiyah. ?

Maximum love & respect for linking up. Hope to see you at a show soon!

Aaron (keys)

P.S. We're actually backing up Nkulee Dube (Lucky Dube's daughter) this weekend and next. Here's a list of the shows:

Fr 13 July - Chicago, IL - Wild Hare
Sa 14 July - Chicago, IL - 6:00 at Polk Bros Park City Stage at Navy Pier
Sa 14 July - Chicago, IL - 9:45 at Square Roots Festival at Old Town School of Folk Music
Sa 21 July - Duluth, MN - Bayfront Reggae Fest
Su 22 July - Evanston, IL - Evanston World Music Festival

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